Dear Mn Progressive Project and Michele Bachmann

I hope you can see this. Your site is borked. A previously registered user name and comment does not work. Getting a new user name and comment does not work. Your “security code” words are usually illegible. Your “Email us” link is incorrectly configured. You can’t do it the way you’ve done it for many system to read it. Borked.

So, I have a comment on this post of yours regarding this statement by Michele Bachmann:

If you want to look at economic history over the last 100 years. I call it punctuated equilibrium. If you look at FDR, LBJ, and Barack Obama, this is really the final leap to socialism. … But we all know that we could turn this around and we can turn this around fairly quickly. We’re still a free country.

And as the Democrats are about to institutionalize cartels – that’s what they’re very good at

My comment is: Is this a threat? What exactly is Bachmann suggesting here? Exactly???

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0 thoughts on “Dear Mn Progressive Project and Michele Bachmann

  1. Bachmann isn’t the only talking head fomenting dissent and trying to spark a revolution against the government amongst the fringes of their already fringe-ified party. Look at Hannity’s blog poll asking which type of revolution appeals to his readers most. Look at the wholly staged “tea party” ripoff (“what would they think of taxation WITH representation” indeed!).

    The 23%-ers of the Bush era, those few who still believed in everything Bush stood for (e.g. pilfering the poor to give to the rich), are upset that Rove’s permanent majority failed to pan out. And now they’re suggesting revolution, repeatedly, in their public forums, and the only people seeming to call them on it are bloggers and other talking heads like Olbermann.

    I’m glad I have a vantage point removed from this powderkeg.

  2. Greg,

    Really sorry about borking you and all that. Contact me and I’ll try and sort it out. If you were a registered user at my old blog,, some people have had problems.


    The Big E

    PS … mainly, she’s just crazy.

  3. E, let’s not talk about borking any commenters, especially Greg. It’s impolite in mixed company.

    Sorry about the issues, though. As for the content of the post, are we ever really sure what Bachmann is threatening? It usually seems to me that she’s trying to play dog-whistle politics with her base, but never actually says anything clearly enough to make it sound like she actually knows something about what she’s saying.

  4. The threatening sound of the language is especially disturbing in that we are seeing it now from more and more Republicans in the Senate and House, not just the crazeez like MB.

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