Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop

The Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds is a rather unique product, targeted squarely at mobile professionals who require the power, features, and performance of workstation-class machine on the go. We previously evaluated the standard ThinkPad W700 and praised the system for its performance and stand-out integrated features, like a Wacom Digitizer Tablet and X-Rite Color Calibrator. The ThinkPad W700ds takes all of the features offered by the W700 and ads a secondary, slide-out display, which increases monitor real-estate by 39%.

Gigs of everything too. Linux plays well with Lenovo laptops, even if Lenovo (as a company) does not always play well with Linux.

Duck! 2009 DD45 is flying by

Late word out of the IAU’s Minor Planet Center: a small asteroid will pass close to Earth [on] …March 2nd … at 13:44 Universal Time. How close? The MPC’s Timothy Spahr calculates that it’ll be 0.00047 astronomical unit from Earth’s center. That’s only about 40,000 miles (63,500 km) up — well inside the Moon’s orbit and roughly twice the altitude of most communications satellites!

This object is about 30 meters across. If it struck a dinosaur, it would probably kill it. But, unlike this object that struck the earth recently, this asteroid is going to fly by.

Apparently, people in Tahiti will have/had a close enough look to read the serial numbers.

Details here.