Some people tell me I have the mentality of a 13 year old…

But according to this scientific diagnostic tool, I have the brain of a 25 year old. How old is your brain?????

You’ll have to know how to read Japanese to make this work, or you can just follow these instructions:

1) Click on start. The diagnostic tool will count down from 3 and show you some numbers.

2) Remember where the numbers are. The diagnostic tool will make the numbers go away and replace them with empty circles.

3) Now click each circle in turn, in order from smallest to largest. Zero is smallest (that’s what screwed me up … for some reason my brain would not remember that zero is the smallest).

Then, the game will give you your brain age, in Arabic Numerals. Report your brain age below…

Hat Tip Ana. Who’s brain is the same age as mine, it turns out.

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0 thoughts on “Some people tell me I have the mentality of a 13 year old…

  1. 20. Is that good or bad?

    Some other similar thing I did a few months ago said I have the brain of an 18-year old. I guess my brain is aging rapidly after years of arrested development.

  2. It says my brain age is 23, and I’m actually 26. I suppose that means I killed off 3 years worth of brain cells by binge drinking in college.

  3. 29, pretty close to my actual age (but using a touchpad on my laptop made me mess up more than I probably should have). Not sure how this is “scientific” or what “brain age means.”

  4. I’m 40, spent the better part of the last 3 decades in a blur of drunken bar brawls and apparently my brain is 25.
    Maybe I haven’t completely wrecked it after all?
    I also recently took an IQ test that gave surprising results.
    Maybe I’m getting a second shot at using this poor old brain?

  5. I don’t understand – my brain age was 34 (only one off from real), but then I did it again, did worse, and it was 25. Which way is better? I would guess that somewhere early adult should be best, but what age starts the downward part?

  6. This is one of the exercises that the chimpanzee Ai (and her son and others in the community) do. Remember the news a few years back about the chimp who counts? (See She also does exercises that involve associating Japanese characters with colors.

    Gotta go. Judgment Day (about the Dover trial) is being rerun on PBS.

  7. 35, and I’m 60.
    One time the cursor was over the circle;
    one time I misread 8 for 3
    and a few times I …. hi, kitty cat … ooh, shiny. Was that thunder outside? I wonder when my honey will be ….. oops

  8. My brain age is 52 (highest till now), but my actual age is only 27. Anything lesser or equal to four numbers, i got it right, but anything above was wrong. I knew i’m getting old and very eager to retire.

  9. It says my brain is 33. I’m 43. But there’s no way I could have done this thing at all ten years ago. The clinic I was in back then kept me blindfolded the whole time anyway.

  10. First try 40, second run 35, actual age 52. Tomorrow I’ll try it after my first coffee of the day.

    I missed the zero a couple times too, although I knewit was there. It’s interesting how perception works, with five numbers flashed on the screen, I’d feel myself thinking, say ‘0,1,3,7,umm…8?’ and know where the 0,1 and 3 were and have no idea which was the 7 and if it really was an 8. I’d have to see all the numbers to know which were the smallest, but I’d only pay attention to the smallest ones in the time alloted.

  11. I scored a 26 (My driver’s license says I’m 43). I like to think that I don’t ‘act my age’ (whatever that means). I play video games a lot, and listen to a wide variety of music, new and old. I know I certainly don’t feel my actual age.

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