My Home Town!

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  1. I knew a guy who walked into a pub in Albany and ordered the special Double Whammy, a famous drink with 155 rum and a tablespoon of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce.

    He scarfed the drink right down and this huge explosion happened and his legs blew off.

    So he ordered another drink. The bartender was reluctant to give it to him, but he insisted. So he scarfed down the drink and a huge explosion happened and most of his his torso below the arm pits disintegrated.

    So he said “wow, that was great, give me another” and the bartender refused. But he insisted so the bartender gave him another Double Whammy, and he scarfed it right down and boom, his arms and neck blew up.

    So he ordered another one. The bartender made it with a straw because the guy had no more hands. He slurped the drink right through the straw and BOOM, he was totally gone.

    So the bartender looked at me and I looked at the bartender and we both looked at where the guy used to be, and one of us said:

    “Man. He should of quite while he was a head!”

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