0 thoughts on “Juan Williams, WTF?

  1. Juan Williams is the highest aspirant to the throne of the Emperor of High Broderism once Broder himself retires or dies. His he-said-she-said, faux-balance utterances on NPR drive me crazy on a daily basis.

  2. The thing about Juan though, is that if he is anything at all, he is the direct result of the tokenization of black men by liberals in the media.That faux balance is actually the midpoint between black men with independent intellects and opinions on one side, and the tokenized white liberal expectations appeasing caricature on the other side.
    Uncle Tommery is still expected by da white folks, and expected twice from men like Juan.

    And he is right that the victim politics, and the po’ us’s politics of Jesse, et al do come stumbling out of Michelle’s black-church pulpit of a mouth.

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