0 thoughts on “Some people have too much time on their hands. And water. Too much water.

  1. That would be kind of fun to play around with. Of course if someone wasn’t paying attention and they ran their boat or jet ski into the hose part it could ruin your day a bit.

  2. The basic components don’t look that complicated. A jetski, which are little more than a glorified water pump to start with, modified so the normal exhaust is funneled into what looks like a 3″ fire hose. the harness, frame and two nozzles are simple weldments. Control looks to be mostly by way of shifting his weight. It also looks like the driver doesn’t have any control of the volume or pressure of the pump. The spray patten of the nozzles doesn’t seem to change.

    Add some more hose line, and a circuit, electrical or RF, to control the pumping action and you could have something.

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