Nazi-Named Rugrats Rescued

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Three New Jersey siblings whose names have Nazi connotations have been placed in state custody, police said. The children, ranging in age from 3 to under 1, were removed from their home Friday. They drew attention last month when a supermarket bakery refused to put the name of the oldest — Adolf Hitler Campbell — on a birthday cake.

State workers didn’t tell police why the children were taken, police Sgt. John Harris said.


Hat tip: Virgil the Nazi Hunter Samms

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0 thoughts on “Nazi-Named Rugrats Rescued

  1. “NJ kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home”?

    What a wimpish headline.

    “Adolf Hitler taken into custody in NJ” – that’s how you sell papers.

  2. Chances are that more was going on than just the names. To train a kid for that much sustained hatred requires some degree of brutality. Alice Miller pointed out that a whole generation of Europeans (prior to WWII) were raised with that sort of brutality.

  3. Sorry, but there needs to be more info here. A stupid name and hateful ideology do not justify the removal of children from their parents and home.

  4. Why does there need to be more information? Are the reasons for taking children into protective care usually made public in New Jersey?

  5. It’s hard to say if the system has the right to take the children away. I would like to know more, like if the parents were involved in white supremacist gang-type of activities or something else. While clearly the parents have low moral fiber, so do lots of parents who don’t lose their kids.

    However, the naming thing might be more case-worthy than you might think. After all, they emancipated “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” because they considered the name child abuse, and I’d rather be Talula than Adolf. That poor boy is going to be ridiculed at best for the rest of his life, and possibly much, much worse. I mean, would you hire Adolf Hitler? I mean, simply having the name is going to make people automatically judge him no matter what kind of man he becomes. And god forbid he end up in the wrong side of town, and have to give his name…

  6. PS: According to ABC News, the kids were not removed for their names. They quote the family services as saying “We would never remove a child simply based on their name.” However, it sounds like there’s some other abuse of some kind going on. Other info from the article said this:

    “He [Heath Campbell] had some kind of hold over those kids and his wife. I don’t think it was sexual or physical abuse, but the kids were confined to certain areas in the house,” said Lori Dilts, 38, a neighbor and the daughter of the Campbells’ landlord.
    “It was more than just their names and the cake situation,” said Dilts, who was reluctant to share any more details until after the hearing.
    “Those children look outwardly healthy, but they didn’t have much freedom,” she said. “Occasionally, the little boy would come over here and would hate having to go back to his house.”
    Dilts said Campbell had swords and Nazi paraphernalia hanging on the walls of the family’s home. She said the couple was unemployed and received government assistance to pay their rent.

    Now, we don’t know details, but it doesn’t sound like an otherwise happy, healthy home.

  7. “but it doesn’t sound like an otherwise happy, healthy home.”

    I think when you start naming your kids Adolf Hitler, that becomes pretty obvious…

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