Cool Google Trick

As I’m sure you already know, you can type this into a google search box:

time Minneapolis

and you can put lots of different words in there and get the time.

What you may not know is this. If you look at the page you get back, there is a little clock graphic next to the time. The time on the clock graphic is correct. Like this:



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0 thoughts on “Cool Google Trick

  1. I didn’t know either the time or weather trick, and I thought I was OK at The Google!

    Never again must I search for “world clock” before placing an international call.

  2. I did not know that, thanks for the tip.

    This will be much faster than using a world time website for figuring out when to place my next overseas call. I hate it when I go to call an overseas vendor or customer and after dialing realize I’m calling @ 2:00AM their time. Especially embarrassing when the overseas contact works from home and answers the phone with a sleepy voice.

  3. My favorite google trick is it’s unit converter. I used to work in a brewing supply store, and we sold MANY different sized bottles, some in metric some in US standard volumes. Since people brew their beer in different sizes (although 5 gallons is the most common), they’d need to know how many cases of what size bottles they need to buy.
    Something like this:
    5 Gal to mL –> 18 927.0589
    18 927.0589/750 –> 11.9027452

    so the customer would need one case of 12 (750’s are usually sold in cases of 12) 750 mL bottles for 5 gallons of beer!

  4. That is a very cool little touch. Sometimes I hate Google seeing as I work in internet marketing/SEO but they sure are handy. Been using the unit converter all the time since I started going to the gym, running, watching my diet, etc. Didn’t know how dependent we were on it in my office till for some reason it went down yesterday and a colleague realised he didn’t know how to check word spelling without it…

  5. Thanks, Greg. I have to teach a seven-hour class via webmeeting to a group in Singapore Monday (THEIR Monday) and I need to keep track of the time continually so I can let them have breaks, go to lunch, etc. This will help a lot.

  6. Google can do some wonderful things via SMS on your cell phone too. Send this:
    time london
    466543 (spells GOOGLE)
    and you get back the current date and time of London.

    Enter a 3-digit US area code and it will tell you the location. Ditto for US Zip codes. Send ‘sushi London’ to 466543 and see what you get back.

    It will do arithmetic, driving directions, units conversions, etc. too.
    See here for more info:

  7. The post from ‘jj’, above, is inaccurate. I believe he inadvertently divided 8927.0589 by 750 instead of 18927.0859 as it would take approximately 25 750ml bottles to bottle 5 gallons of beer. I only know as I am in the process of buying 750ml Belgian style bottles for some Lambics I’ve made. NBD

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