Best TV Show Evah

Or perhaps just the scariest… Game Show In My Head.

(Chances are this has been on TV for years and I’ve never noticed it, but we just happened to watch it tonight. Not that we ever watch TV … we just happened to bump into the TV and it turned on and stuff.)

Have you seen it?

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0 thoughts on “Best TV Show Evah

  1. I also watched it last night for the first time, with the girl picking up a random guy in the street to marry, and the guy interviewing people about how they were probed aboard an alien spaceship, etc … Laughed my ass off. Awesome show.

  2. The woman was brilliant. She seemed to start each round by just telling people what do to and then based on their reaction telling them why the should do it, but only if asked. I feel really bad for her that she did not get the “line ten people up at the base of the stair’s” stunt done, because she was so close! “Wait, this is the line for the pier, you’ve gotta wait here….” I wonder if she and her new husband are living happily ever after.

    The most interesting thing about the guy was that he was able to do very well with every task but he clearly failed intentionally and miserably at the one that exposed his homophobia … and his closing comments after the tasks were all over included a reference to that. (He’s the guy who thinks “If I accidentally kiss a guy, does that make me gay?”)

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