Zunes Bite Dust Everywhere: No Explanation Yet

I do not have the vaguest clue what a Microsoft Zune is, but there are reports that they are all crapping out roughly at the same time for unknown reasons. Microsoft technical support is on vacation, so apparently they don’t know about it. Details can be found here.

It is a good thing it is only the Zunes that are doing this, and not, say, the Microsoft Air Traffic Controller Thingie or the Microsoft Heart Implant Thingie.

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0 thoughts on “Zunes Bite Dust Everywhere: No Explanation Yet

  1. Lets not forget Windows for Nuclear subs

    “December 25, 2008: The British Royal Navy has developed a modified version of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system for its warships. The first version, “Windows for Submarines,” is being installed on the fleets nuclear submarines. Versions of this operating system is being adapted for surface ships as well.”

  2. 2008 was a leap year, so December 31 was ordinal day of year 366, making that the likely trigger for the freeze.

    The freeze came before the leap-second insertion, so that would not be the problem. (BTW, December 31st ended in the sequence 23:59:58, 23:59:59, 23:59:60, and 00:00:00 launched 2009.)

    Ask any programmer what the average length of a year is. The only correct answer is 365.2425 days. Any other answer and they don’t know how to correctly handle leap years.

  3. Zune was marketed originally in 2007, and was nicknamed “the iPod Killer”.

    Yeah, I know – we all got a good laugh out of that…

  4. I chose to get a 120GB Ipod for my birthday rather than a Zune solely because I had a free program (which I had downloaded earlier for another reason) on my computer that is able to convert almost any kind of video into an Ipod compatible video. Now I’m glad for my decision. 🙂

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