This photograph needs a caption

i-b2ee236cc49cc7702407b2149e67f90a-needscaption7.jpg[More Captions Needed]

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45 Responses to This photograph needs a caption

  1. mlf says:

    “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

  2. dave says:

    I don’t care how good you are at digging, it’s NOT the right way to get out of a hole.

  3. Jeff Knapp says:

    With cunning stillness, Catapillarus Machanicus (a member of the giant mud digger family, half hidden in the mud, monoshovel in position, awaits its next meal. It favors Toyotus Camerus and, especially, Creationus Dumassednus.

  4. Jason Failes says:

    “Dig up, stupid.”-Chief Wiggum

  5. llewelly says:

    The McCain campaign.

  6. HP says:

    William Dembski responds to his critics.

  7. says:

    Senators Vitter and Craig introduce S.J. Res. 43, the “Marriage Protection Amendment.”

  8. Peter Mc says:

    Hillary realized there were no more delegates to be found….

  9. sailor says:

    Now for my next trick, I will dig myself out of this hole.

  10. In which we glimpse the future of Louisiana.

  11. GrayGaffer says:

    This isn’t working, so we must not be doing it hard enough – dig, Johnnie, dig!

  12. mythe lias says:

    Digging ones own grave.

  13. Andrew says:

    Brrrrr Brrrrrrr!!!!! BRBRBBRRRRRRRRRR!!! OK, I give up.

  14. NaXiket says:

    Die with my boots on…

  15. Skepdude says:

    Now hiring! Excavator operator wanted!

  16. themadlolscientist says:

    Don’t say “grab the snake”! Say “grab the rope”!

  17. wotthe7734 says:

    Digg. ur doin it rong.

  18. Second Narc’s comment. Simple is best here.”FAIL”

  19. C. Chu says:

    WALL-EEEEEE! *squeak squeak*

  20. Brian says:


  21. SD Anderson says:

    Be Quiet! I know what I’m DOING!!!!!!

  22. Trailer for a new horror movie:”The undead tractor rises from the grave to feed on the fuel of the living”

  23. Samantha Vimes says:

    Fail is not enough. Surely, this is epic fail.”In too deep” also says it all.However, “The McCain campaign” was what made me actually LOL.

  24. Feynmaniac says:

    Now here’s a visual representation of the Bush Administration….

  25. Virgil Samms says:

    Hey Egnor: stop digging!

  26. madder says:

    What’s needed here is a heavy machinery surge.

  27. Crow says:

    First poster wins the thread!

  28. JanieBelle says:

    Keep digging, Dick! I know those WMDs are around here somewhere!

  29. daenku32 says:

    Yet another case of wrong directions by the GPS device.

  30. PhysioProf says:

    Turn off that fucking faucet!

  31. BJN says:

    Quagmire? There’s no quagmire!

  32. rob says:

    “That is why you fail.”–Yoda

  33. Elizabeth says:

    The first in a series of FEMA backhoes arrives on the scene…

  34. AnnieT says:

    “Welcome to the National Crane Wildlife Wetland Preserve”

  35. quantico says:

    This is your backhoe. This is your backhoe in Iowa.

  36. j says:

    Returning from lunch, Jeeter and his brother Jeeter realize that they have the rest of the day off.

  37. Horace says:

    This is why we don’t dig foundations in Mississippi.

  38. Randy says:

    The Chinese Deep Digging Machine emerges in the muddy school yard proving the old saying about what happens if you dig deep enough. In the school yard.

  39. Tony Jeremiah says:

    Cat on a (previously) hot tin roof.

  40. I.M. cbz says:

    A little to the left … almost … a little more … ahhh, right there, perfect!!!!

  41. Martin says:

    The larger of two tractors mounts, submerges, and subdues its opponent.

  42. Search continues for James Van Der Beek’s career.

  43. Carl Feagans says:

    Said in the voice of Twiki:”Miniminiminimini… way ta go, Buck.”

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