This photograph needs a caption

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i-b2ee236cc49cc7702407b2149e67f90a-needscaption7.jpg[More Captions Needed]

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45 thoughts on “This photograph needs a caption

  1. With cunning stillness, Catapillarus Machanicus (a member of the giant mud digger family, half hidden in the mud, monoshovel in position, awaits its next meal. It favors Toyotus Camerus and, especially, Creationus Dumassednus.

  2. Fail is not enough. Surely, this is epic fail.”In too deep” also says it all.However, “The McCain campaign” was what made me actually LOL.

  3. The Chinese Deep Digging Machine emerges in the muddy school yard proving the old saying about what happens if you dig deep enough. In the school yard.

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