New Dinosaurs and Old Rhinos

Utah announces ‘major dinosaur fossil discovery’ from
(AP) — A newly discovered batch of well-preserved dinosaur bones, petrified trees and even freshwater clams in southeastern Utah could provide new clues about life in the region some 150 million years ago.

Finally, the Congo totally screws up, as expected, and the very last of the only remaining northern White Rhinos are probably dead. There is little reason for optimism…

Group: Northern white rhinos near extinction from
(AP) — The northern white rhino of central Africa is on the verge of being wiped out, a conservation group said Tuesday.

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4 thoughts on “New Dinosaurs and Old Rhinos

  1. Sadly, the dinosaur thing isn’t all that interesting. I mean, it IS (great fossils), but they’re just Morrison animals. Nothing new there. The most exciting aspect is that some good Brachiosaurus material is coming out of the ground, and that taxa is rare in North America.

  2. I’m pretty sure the northern white rhino is represented in some zoos. This is a subspecies, by the way, not a species. But it is a shame.Elsewhere, the southern population of white rhino, which comes from ….. wracking brain here …. I’m thinking umfulozi but i could be wrong … is doing very well. There are a lot of them.But, I hasten to add that back pre-firearm days, white rhinos were seen in herds too large to count. That is not the case today.

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