How to get a death certificate BEFORE getting a birth certificate

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In India, a baby was stillborn, apparently dead of the effects of complications at a seven month delivery. The mother had been suffering convulsions of some kind and was heavily medicated.The next day, as the parents were on the way to the burial ground with the corpses of their baby, it started to gurgle and breath and stuff.The baby …”showed attempts to breathe … Under such circumstances, it would appear that doctors had no reason to assume that the baby was dead,” said Dr Suleiman Merchant, acting dean of Sion Hospital in Mumbai.Apparently the drugs the mother had been given repressed the heartbeat to the level at which it was not detected. The infant is still in critical condition.

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2 thoughts on “How to get a death certificate BEFORE getting a birth certificate

  1. Freaky is right. Reminds me of the scary stories they told us in natural-childbirth classes 25+ years ago.But before I read the entry, the title made me think of PDQ Bach (1807-1742).

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