Freaky Picture

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Look closely at this picture.

Albert Einstein, right?Now, stand up. That’s right, stand up and step away from the computer. Get 10-15 feet back if you can. Look at the picture, then report back here and tell us who you see.Hat tip: Duane

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13 thoughts on “Freaky Picture

  1. Mike, you’re prepubescent?Oddly, although I couldn’t switch what I saw in the picture up close, I knew what I would see from a distance. I don’t know whether that was cultural knowledge, visual processing, or some combination of the two.

  2. Well, the Wii does not make a very good internet interactive tool, but it does let me look at my web site on the TV, so that’s good.When we cross-wire the Wii Fit with the Internet, I will be able to stomp on shit I don ‘t lie. Literally. Blogging will be very different.

  3. Try this: If you have a mouse with a wheel, use the wheel to move the picture up and down again and again very quickly. You get MM and AE at the same time, jiggling.

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