Fathers’Day Is… And other matters

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…. something I never encouraged. But these days it is practiced in my extended family. So what did I get and what does it all mean?Two shirts, a subscription to Linux Journal, and something else that is still a surprise I don’t know yet.Mothers’ day was invented a very long time ago and may even go back to the ancient Greeks. It is usually celebrated around the Ides of March. Father’s day was an afterthought by many, many centuries, invented in the early 20th century, presumably by Hallmark Cards Inc.The fishing started to get good this weekend. Julia and I caught a few bass, but cousin Michael swamped us all with two Giant Northerns. And, we had a very interesting odd fish behavior sighting that I will report soon, but not tonight. More research is needed first. But I’ll tell you this: It has to do with North America’s only cannibalistic lungfish … of sorts. Stay tuned…

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