Really Big Tornado in Minnesota. And flooding.

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A half mile wide tornado with a virtually south to north trajectory from near Park Rapids towards Bemidji, in Hubbard County, destroyed several homes and did a lot of property damage. The worst damage was near Highway 34 and County Road 4, in or near Emmaville and Lake George.Several other tornadoes have been reported around the state. Conditions are ripe for further serious storms and possibly tornadoes almost anywhere round these parts, though I’m not sure what the NWS is giving us in the way of watch boxes.In Minnesota terms, this is spittin’ distance from the cabin, sort of. (Walker is our nearest largish/quaint town, though we probably don’t go there more than a couple times a year.)And there is significant flooding in downtown Grand Marais.more info

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12 thoughts on “Really Big Tornado in Minnesota. And flooding.

  1. Clearly The Baby Jesus hates the Twins. First they lose their star pitcher, and now this. Get out Joe Mauer, get out Justin Morneau, get out while you still can!

  2. Trust me, Virgil, anything that happened to them would have made the news. They’re in downtown Bemidji, on the lake. It sounds like the tornado stayed well south.

  3. Don’t complain. Out here in Rain City Otherwise Known As Seattle, we’ve been having seriously crappy weather for weeks. Okay,I know everybody thinks it rains 365 days a year out here, but it (usually) doesn’t at this time of year. It’s just cloudy. And crummy. June is a pretty forgettable month around here at the best of times.And this isn’t the best of times. It’s cooler than it u sually is. And it’s been raining every day. Sometimes quite hard. And I wish it would warm up. And I wish ths sun would shine. But this, being RainCity Otherwise Known As Seattle, we have to wait till the 5th of July to have any hope of that(sigh!)Anne G

  4. For Ozzie: Kirby Puckett transcends jesus then, and he liked to pull women into bathrooms and STUFF. even the sex pistols were bigger than jesus, so i don’t really get the agrument. seems to me MN needs less fickle fans.Tornados: are absolutely thrilling, my favorite natural disaster! Scary as anything, humbles you in a millisecond! I do much better with tornados than earthquakes. haven’t gotten the hang of them yet. Although where I am right now, civil disaster is much more a concern than natural. I’m quite certain what humanity is capable of is much more painful than what nature accomplishes.

  5. The northern tip of that storm system gave us a heavy downpour this morning that unfortunately killed the three Peregrine Falcon chicks that hatched last week. We’re hoping that they might try again.Trey, the male, was born on the same ledge 9 years ago and Princess, the female, was born in Miniapolis in 2002.

  6. Are those statues still down by the lake? Some set of statues was removed recently, I thought it was then.These statues are located elsewhere in the state, so if they are damaged or destroyed there are others.Some day a tornado will pick up one of these statues and deposit it somewhere interesting.LAURISA!!! What is the name of the woman from your home town, Paul’s significant other??? Henretta? I can’t remember….Don: Bummer!

  7. Steph Z, just saw Fargo last night and did not realize Brainerd was a real place. My stupid. Anyway, I’m the kind of person who would travel a ways to see statues like those, or big yarn balls, etc.

  8. But speaking of tornadoes and such, I think most states are on a record track for tornadoes this year. Ours was in February, had a 123-mile continuous track and hit my place of employment, the local hospital. I work at home now. Anyhoo, since then, we had a record snowfall, two ice storms and two “hundred-year” floods. The previous one was 25 years or so ago. They should think about renaming those types of floods.I’m glad everyone is okay. Too bad about the falcons, though. We had horrible horse tragedies here the day of the tornado, but then again 57 people died that day in a 5-state outbreak. Still, any suffering is hard to hear about, human or animal, for me.The weather is __Strange__ everywhere this year, it seems.

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