Prior keynote speeches at the DNC

The DNC does not always have a keynote speaker. Sometimes there is a speaker that can be thought of later as such, but was not necessarily labeled “keynote” at the time. So this list can certainly be argued with.Obama was the DNC keynote during the last Presidential nominating convention. It is often presumed that the keynote speaker will be a key player in future elections. However, that is definitely not always the case. Sometimes the keynote is finishing old business (in which case their name is usually “Kennedy” and other times reorienting the party towards its traditional liberal values. Other times the keynote is a display of the Democratic Party commitment to diversity and equality.1960 Frank Church.1964 Robert Kennedy.1968 Daniel Inouye.1972 Nobody, really1976 John Glenn and Barbara Jordan1980 Teddy Kennedy1984 Mario Cuomo1988 Ann Richards1992 Barbara Jordan (again)1996 Evan Bayh2000 Harold Ford (if you watch MSNBC you see him a lot)2004 Some skinny kid with big ears and a funny name.

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7 thoughts on “Prior keynote speeches at the DNC

  1. I sure would have liked to have voted for Barbara Jordan for president — probably the most impressive politician I’ve ever heard speak. A black woman, a lesbian it’s rumored, but she just had an aura that spoke of justice, equality, concern for *everyone*, ethics, and principle.

  2. FYI: There is a July 23lecture on Barbara Jordan at Humphrey

  3. The keynote speaker this year may be Hillary unless she is VP candidate, then she gets a speech for that. Otherwise Bill is a very good chance.It is remotely possible, in my opinion, that it will be Ted Kennedy. Just a hunch.

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