Politicians acting badly (yawn)

Thank you Joshua Zelinsky for pointing out my error regarding the Florida Democratic Party. Yes, SuperKufr, you may not like the sound of the word “Punish” but as a Democrat (Active, Matt) I do.Throw the slob into the gravel pit. Then let the Floridians vote. Oh, and Hillary Campaign Guy? Kiss my ass. If Clinton wins, will you have a job in the White House?(Sorry, I’m a little pissed. I took someone’s word for this.)

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11 thoughts on “Politicians acting badly (yawn)

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re right about this being in jest, JanieBelle, though it’s such a short clip that it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on. I think that Greg has posted this here because he thinks I misled him about the Florida mess having originated with a Republican move, at least I know I mentioned that at some point here… Maybe he’s talking about someone else, though. I don’t know.If YOU are interested in knowing more about what led up to the original disenfranchisement of the Florida delegation, there was a very clear summary of events given at Saturday’s rules committee meeting, broadcast on CSPAN (some of the best TV EVER!) and available here:http://www.c-span.org/Politics/default.aspx

  2. Ana: Actually, it was someone who told me in person some time ago.Thanks for the link on the rules committee discussion.I’m sorry, Janie, taking into account your suggestion that the Democratic Minority Leader is being sarcastic here, I’ve looked at it again and I just don’t see that. This is an elected official putting his words on record in the chambers, so if he is being sarcastic he should be more careful.With two smart people telling me I’m wrong, I’m willing to change from pissed because what I see is clearly offensive to I’m not sure because maybe it is out of context. In the mean time I’ll look at the C-span thing (I’m sure that WAS great television! I was not in a place with a working television or I would have been glued to it).

  3. What Geller is being sarcastic about is the motion to not move the primary as far. Hence the the other senator says “I understand, ‘please don’t throw me into the bramble bush'” and then Geller sits down. That’s pretty clearly a reference to the story of the rabbit who gets caught by a farmer and asks the farmer whatever he does, not to throw him into the bush. The farmer then does so and the rabbit runs away. The point he is “I’m objecting to something that I want you to do”. Geller doesn’t contradict that at all. And Geller’s earlier statement that they are making the motion so that they can tell the DNC they tried is hardly a substantial objection. Heck, the laconic tone of voice there makes his opinion pretty clear there.

  4. Huh. The more I watch that little clip, the more I don’t understand it. Somebody write me up a play-by-play and add a little color commentary. I am just not getting it.Greg, I wasn’t saying you were wrong, I was asking if I was. How did he (specifically) vote, in the end?Ana, thanks for the link, I’ll have to take that in small bites.All I can say at the moment is that I’m about sick of Floridian politicians. They are pissing me off. Again.

  5. I am having a very hard time not seeing this in the following way:The Florida Democrats are happy to have the primary moved forward, especially since they are getting cover from the Republicans.Does he say Brier Patch or Gravel Pit?

  6. Actually, it sounds more like “Brable Broosh”So, are we saying that the speaker is saying “Minority leader, I understand you to be saying, and am thus quoting as you you said it, “please don’t throw me into the Bramble Bush” …?(Ah, right, bramble bush, which is standing in for B. Potter’s Brier Patch )So, yes, the interpretation remains: The Dems wanted this and they got it. So yea, I’m pissed at them again.

  7. If you click on the 5hr. “oral arguments” option on the c-span page I linked to earlier and move the little play-bar about 1/5 of the way through, you’ll find a discussion between Sen. Bill Nelson and Mr. McDonald of the Rules Committee about events leading up to the snafu in Florida. Sen. Nelson mentions a little “movie” – he might be talking about the clip Greg posted here. I encourage you all to watch the meeting in its entirety, though. Sen. Levin is particularly impressive in his defense of Michigan (which follows the discussion of Florida).

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