6 thoughts on “McCain … do you trust him? I don’t.

  1. Over at BAGnewsNotes:”…an intensity or an emotional ferocity to the man — his affective thermostat fixed in a range most Americans might want to think twice or three times about before trusting McCain with more than a bag of peanuts”http://bagnewsnotes.typepad.com/bagnews/2008/05/mccains-emotion.html

  2. Yeah, I used to have a lot of respect for McCain, back when he stood for something, on or about 1999-2000. I sure wish campaign-mode hadn’t made a fool out of him, because his campaign finance reform efforts were top-notch. Ain’t no way I’ll vote for him this election cycle.

  3. The really disturbing part of the video, for me, is the text at the end. “The corporate media won’t cover the story”? Really? So all those clips from CNN and FoxNews don’t count as corporate media? No, I don’t trust corporations to always keep my personal interests at heart. But turning them into a boogeyman like that, directly contrary to evidence, just allows people who don’t want to think that much to continue living in a 19th century Marxist dreamworld.

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