6 thoughts on “Hillary Does Have More Experience

  1. There’s also this “funny cause it’s true” article called “Hillary Clinton the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic Party”. Here’s the link-http://madatoms.com/2008/05/edit-hillary-clinton-psycho-ex.html

  2. If Hillary is the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic Party, does that make Obama the insecure new boyfriend?

  3. I saw that video a couple days ago, started out by preaching about white entitlement and giving up you money, car, job, house etc… Kinda creepy.

  4. Although I did go to Rev. Pfleger’s web site and listen to a couple of sermons on line and saw another video of him defending Rev. Wright, which he made a pretty good case for. But then, I think racism is a serious problem in the U.S. so there was quite a bit of common ground there.I just wonder what the guy was thinking on Sunday.

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