Minnesota. If you don’t like the weather …. you better get into the basement.

Got home from the lake last night happy to see that our neighborhood was spared any significant damage from the big giant storm that engulfed several local communities, including ours. There was very large hail up-stream from us and there are a few big trees down not far from here.The people really hit were in Hugo, where a twister formed and touched down, doing a very large amount of damage and killing one child.Ana’s sibling (you know Ana, she’s running for president) not far from the twiseter saw a giant oak tree sucked into the sky and carried off to oz.I suspect no tornadoes today. They hardly ever happne when it is THIRTY SEVEN degrees Fahrenheit!!!Hail:A tornado, maybe the tornado?News:

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2 thoughts on “Minnesota. If you don’t like the weather …. you better get into the basement.

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