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According to Really Linux writer Andrea W. Cordingly, “Chicks Love Linux” …

There I was standing around the LUG booth at the annual Linux expo when I realised that unlike years past, there were considerable numbers of female attendants. No, I am not referring exclusively to those female models hired to promote an OS (I won’t mention which one) wearing skimpy demon costumes.I was truly encouraged to find that women from all backgrounds and ages were making up an increasingly larger portion of those attending such Linux conferences.

Microsoft blames YOUA recent study shows that Microsoft Vista is more vulnerable to malicious code attack than previous versions of Microsoft. Others argue that this is a misreading of the data. But those closest to Microsoft have a different opinion: The increased rate of malicious code attacks on Windows is the fault of the users (victims).Microsoft. They don’t like you. Why would you like Microsoft?Zoom Zoom

Thanks to a new joint effort between Intel and Wind River, you may soon be running Linux in your car.The effort will run under the auspices of the Intel led Moblin.org effort and will deal specifically with the in-vehicle infotainment marketplace. The idea is to create a Linux based Open Infotainment Platform that will run on Intel’s Atom processor. According to a release issued by Wind River, BMW, Bosch and Delphi are among the companies that are already supporting the effort.The actual open source code specification is not yet on the Moblin site though Wind River expects to make it available by August of 2008….

Steve Ballmer ends up with egg on his face

Microsoft has a deal with the government of Hungary which costs the government billions and traps university students in the Microsoft Gap. This is the usual monopolistic evil corporate policy that makes thinking people dislike Microsoft (everyone else is a mindless clone. Sorry, but, well, I’m just sayin’).Anyway, Microsoft Strong Man Steve Ballmer had the audacity to visit a Hungarian University. And what he got, he had coming. Continue reading Steve Ballmer ends up with egg on his face

Resurrection of DNA Function from an Extinct Genome


Could even this bird be reanimated, gene by gene?
When you are extinct you’re extinct. Everything about you is dead and gone. There are no more of you, every individual in your species is kaput, non existent, used up, as the Pima Indians would say, you are hokum (like a car with a flat tire). In fact, you are hohokum (like a car with no tires). Your existence is erased. You are as blotto as a budgie in Burbank.Indeed, every bit of your being, every gene in your genome, every base pair in your DNA, is no longer extant….Or is it? Continue reading Resurrection of DNA Function from an Extinct Genome