This photograph needs a caption

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i-2fa31fdfa8879123363501242c198f43-_44663273_cobra_ap_466.jpgAny suggestions? (I’ll tell you what it is of later…)[More Captions Needed]

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20 thoughts on “This photograph needs a caption

  1. “I’m sure I’ve got a bazooka somewhere in this pocket weapons organizer…”(just noticed the one guy grabbing the other)”I’ve got him! Quick, unfold the portable hole so we can toss him in!”

  2. I’m guessing they’re US Secret Service. They always seem to be nothing but skinny little white guys.

  3. Having just been released from an Austrian basement, these lads are overjoyed to breathe fresh air and play with new toys.

  4. (Publicity Shot) The latest installment of “Men in Black,” now in production. Two new, fresh-faced, up-and-comers play agents “S” and “T” flanked by a crew member dressed as an extra carrying a “flag” (common piece of equipment used to block off light on a set) that is cleverly disguised as a “FlexiShield.” Using crew members as extras is a new trend in cost cutting on many movie and TV sets. “Ben here is doing double duty as a grip and as an extra saving us a whole lot of money” says production manager, Thomas “Big Jake” Slomanki.

  5. “I’m telling you ref, he was offside!”(with apologies to my German and Austrian friends for the accent)”Und Velcome back to ze second round ov Governor-Idol. Here ve see ze contestants who have decided to miss out ze body-building and go straight to ze action film.”

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