White Guy Endorses Black Guy

…… OMG, did I say that out loud? Maybe this election has gotten a little too racialized…..Anyway, yes, just this very moment, seconds ago, Edwards Endorses Obama.What do you think? Was there a phone call? “John, hey, I’ve got an idea. You go in and help undo the damage Clinton has done with ‘white voters’ … and that’s how you earn your position on the ticket as VP?”

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17 thoughts on “White Guy Endorses Black Guy

  1. Let’s see, Edwards waits until someone all but sews up the nomination to endorse the apparent winner. That makes Edwards what? Chickenshit comes to mind.Saw Edwards the other day on some talking head show, said he wouldn’t even consider VP.

  2. Joel, what exactly does Edwards have to be afraid of if he doesn’t want to be VP? There are plenty of people who have been ambivalent about this contest. Polling data has shown some significant differences from actual election results.There are a couple of cabinet posts I’d happily see Edwards in too, but I would prefer VP.

  3. Edwards would be an OK VP choice — might help bring in some southern votes for Obama. However, I’m guessing that Obama is more likely to go with Bill Richardson, who has big foreign policy credentials, can pull in Latino voters, and can also help get votes in the mountain states. (I also hope that Richardson can help move Obama toward mandatory health care and away from his pro-coal industry positions.)

  4. I thought Edwards endorsed Obama way back when he (Edwards) dropped out of the race. Guess I was wrong.

  5. I would be charitable and say he had mixed feelings about both candidates (apparently Hillary’s Health care positions is somewhat better) and he did not want to throw his weight into the race, (avoiding picking the losing side could have been a factor). However, when it became clear that Obama would win, and that the continued close race would damage the party, he did the right thing.

  6. When John Edwards said he didn’t want to be V.P., the reason he gave was he wants to focus on helping the poor.I can’t blame anyone for getting out of politics, when an incompetent fool like George Bush can beat out two well qualified candidates like Al Gore and John Kerry, it’s clear the system is not working.I always liked John Edwards and would have prefered him to be the Presidential candidate rather than Kerry. As for endorsing this late in the race, the candidates positions have been clear for some time now and who knows, if he would have stood behind one of them earlier, maybe this drawn out primary could have been avoided.

  7. I’m looking forward to an Attorney General Edwards for the winning Democrat, whichever…and think Richardson would be an excellent VP choice, or Sec. of State or Interior (if Gore refused), with Dodd or Hagel in Defense, Max Cleland in Vets Affairs, Corzine at Treasury, Kucinich at Energy (or Peace), Sharpton in Labor, Sayles-Belton in Housing and Urban Development, Mosely-Brown in Education, Gephardt in Agriculture, and Nader in Transportation (just to give him something to do). Joe Biden needs a job too…wherever he could do a lot of public speaking. That would be fun.

  8. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m expecting a somewhat older, whiter and more male cabinet from the Democrats this time than we saw under Clinton, much more than under Bush. I think there’s pressure to have a cabinet whose credentials and experience–their “competence”–isn’t open to question. The easiest way to meet the pressure is to rely on the instant authority of stereotypes. Wrong but expedient.

  9. Well, I did include a couple of hyphenated women there (and black to boot), but you’re right Greg, lots of old white men in my “dream”…which says a little about me, maybe the limits of my imagination, but more about ourselves. In the sense that Stephanie was getting at, there are just not that many (“experienced”) women to choose from, and men just come to mind more readily. THAT, I would agree, is WRONG. So, let me revise: if Edwards would not take AG, Jennifer Granholm’s term as Gov. is up and she would be a good one to keep around. The crux of my problem here, however, is that with women’s representation up to a record 16% (woo-hoo) in Congress, I’m not too eager to fish from that, er, puddle, and would much rather have the Democratic prez pull some modest Republicans like Hagle (oh, wait, is he retiring? forget him!) or Grassley or Snow or Collins or Specter out to let some more (D) women through the door of the House, etc. Better? 😉

  10. Ana,Of course, I was just giving you a random hard time. I think I know something about your politics and I’m in admiration of your activism and knowledge. Looking back though, that may not have been clear..Hey everybody, Ana is cool. I know for a fact that she carries out a minimum of two or three politically progressive acts per day. PER DAY!(And recycling and stuff does not count.)I would like to suggest Nancy Soderberg for National Security Adviser (Ana, you know her brother), and Rachel Maddow for communications director and/or White House Press Secretary.

  11. Hahahahaha. Oh, Greg…..I think I prefer your observation-based ribbing to your flattery, though you’re right, I’m waaaaaaaay cool.Hmmm; I’m just gonna take all this to mean that you’re looking forward to writing that law school letter for me. :)And, btw, I don’t know how many times I’ve said something like “exactly!” to the tv when Maddow gets to explaining things. Pretty much every time she speaks. Love her!

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