What is Mother’s Day All About?

Well, it’s like this… “Like many people in Minneapolis’ Bryant neighborhood, Patty Crawford was outside minding her business on a sunny Mother’s Day afternoon. Then she looked up to see an SUV barrelling through her front yard at freeway speed. … Through the flying chunks of what had been her lawn, a screaming flock of squad cars soon appeared. … She quickly called for the kids to take cover. Then there was the deafening smash and the tinkling of shattered glass. … “We all just stood there and whimpered,” Crawford said later Sunday afternoon. “Really, any of us could have been in a position to get hurt. It was a miracle we didn’t.” *OK, well, I don’t know what that was about. (Except I’m pretty sure they are joking about thinking a miracle had occurred…) . But what Amanda and I have noticed is this:Mother’s day is when a lot of people who normally don’t drive get into a lot of cars that are normally not driven and go to places they normally don’t go. It is kind of like a massive, day long, slow moving not very dense surrealistic rush hour.

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3 thoughts on “What is Mother’s Day All About?

  1. Mothers’ Day is also a day when a lot of men who have never been beyond the beverage and snack aisles are found cluttering up the rest of the grocery store with small children in tow (or possibly leading the way) because they think they should plan and cook a meal on that day. They should just admit that they are going to end up calling out for pizza and get the hell out of the way of those of us who do know how to shop.

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