6 thoughts on “Linux vs. BSD

  1. Well, BSD via NeXT with a Mach microkernel *and* a nice GUI (as previously noted).Way back in the day (like, ’95-’00) I was a big Linux fan, but I was of the opinion that “our” worst enemies were some of the people that viewed themselves as Linux’ champions. Check into any #linux channel and you’ll STILL find a couple of ’em interspersed with more reasonable human beings. They were always crowing about bringing *nix to the desktop, and how linux was going to take over the world (completely ignoring the *BSD crowd, who were like, “What are we? Chopped liver?”)And even though I loved Yggdrasil, Red Hat, Slackware, and Mandrake, I must admit to a brief moment of – what’s that german word? “scheidenfreud”? – when OSX became the ‘largest installed userbase of *nix systems’. Of course, I switched to OSX for a workstation as soon as I could. The siren call of Photoshop and Cinema4d was inescapable. But my servers are still linux – stable, fast, nearly bulletproof.

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