6 thoughts on “Finally. A remake worth re making

  1. “They should have recruited Rowan Atkinson for the main role…”Rowan Atkinson?? Why people think he is funny is beyond me.

  2. I really hope this one is good. Film makers really take a risk when they remake iconic TV shows. I have the same concern with the Speed Racer movie, although it kind of looks like crap already.As for Rowan Atkinson vs Steve Carell – it’s no contest. Atkinson would have been a big mistake. He’s funny in very short sketches with no talking. How anybody thinks he can carry a lead role in a talkie is beyond me.

  3. Atkinson is one of those actors who gets identified with the last thing someone saw him in and recast in that role in different projects whether the character is appropriate to the project or not. Mr. Bean isn’t my kind of thing, but he was very good in it. He was just as good in the Blackadder series, which is a completely different type of character (and a serious challenge to any idea that he can’t hold his own speaking lines). Then there’s Keeping Mum, which has him playing a very sincere minister. Sweet guy and the most believable part of the movie. I don’t know that he would have been good as Smart, but I wouldn’t want to predict without seeing it.And in the interest of pointless full disclosure: I’ve had a major crush on Rowan Atkinson for something like 20 years. I can’t remotely say why, but it does explain that I’ve seen most of his work.

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