Teach Creationism in the Classroom

This page is designed for teachers, pastors, youth leaders and organizations to provide useful tools and resources to promote the ideas surrounding this highly anticipated film.

You can get Expelled! movie clips to show in your life science class. This site has many movies designed for Christian teachers to use in the classroom… The developers of the side have

… made showing movie clips fast and convenient for anyone to use. It’s as simple as a click of a button. Also, we custom edit clips to better illustrate specific points. For instance, we might delete a portion of a scene, combine two scenes from the same film, filter out inappropriate content, adjust the brightness and/or audio volume, etc., for the optimal viewing experience in a church setting.

At the same site, WingNuts.com, you can also get sermon outlines and other useful items.It costs about 16 bucks a month to access this material.All For you. At WingNuts.com.

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