9 thoughts on “This is Hug an Atheist Day

  1. Anyway of putting up info that doesn’t require me to register for another useless site? It;s bad enough that I had to get a freaken’ myspace page so I could email somebody, and register for Blogger so I could post comments, but now I’m supposed to fall for Facebook as well? Too many clowns want me to register as it is. Any site that forces you to register before you can view a page…well, make that a big FU.

  2. Badger: Good point. I usually avoid making people go to a registered site. The facebook link is really just for people who are already in facebook.Hug an atheist day does not require a lot of information, and in fact, there is no information on the face book site.Just go hug an atheist. Today.

  3. I was reminded, while watching a new adaptation of E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View last night, that the novel has a sympathetic and positive portrayal of an early 20th century atheist character. George Emerson, whom the heroine Lucy Honeychurch meets on a trip to Italy, and his father are atheists and socialists. George is recognized, in contrast to two men of the cloth, as “the good man”, at least by the Italian carriage-driver.

  4. Atheists have always been cool in popular culture. But not since some time in the 1980s in the US. Thanks to the Fundies.

  5. Barn Owl, thanks. I’d forgotten that George and his dad (the most sympathetic character in the book) were atheists. You’d think Forster had some sympathy for the reviled minority. 🙂 Consider yourself hugged.You, too, Elizabeth, for general coolness. Just don’t catch whatever I’ve got.And I’ll pat your shoulder, Romeo, even if Virgil won’t. [Sniff] I love all you guys.Okay, back to bed.

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