Shock Arm Band: Wave of the Future

I don’t think this is too new, but I certainly missed it.For the busy viewer, watch the first 15 seconds or so to get the idea, then skip ahead to 3 minutes 1 second to get to the meat of it.(Hat tip: Frischer Wind)It seems to me that all you need, with these devices, is a kind of “smoke detector” that detects anything wrong … terrorists, disgruntlement among the passengers, running out of the preferred dinner option … whatever. On activation, the “smoke detector” (let’s call it a “Potential National Security Situation Detection Device”) .. simply activates all of the EMD technology. Everybody goes down at once.But really, the easiest way to do this is going to be to plant a chip in everyone’s head.

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9 thoughts on “Shock Arm Band: Wave of the Future

  1. lets permanently have them on all citizens so we can ID and track those illigal aliens… and locate criminals and control them… and child molesters… and gays… and athiests… and cult members… and nonright thinking dem’s… and republicans… and catholics… and budhists and smokers and vegetarians …and… and… and…LETS MAKE THEM LETHAL!!!!!!!!

  2. That. Is. The. Stupidest…We better also search all passengers for a 12-inch strip of mylar. Slipped under the bracelet it would insulate them from the bracelet.I bet it would be possible to spoof the transmitter address and selectively activate bracelets onboard thus using the system as a weapon.

  3. so, given the demonstration, if the hijacker has that kind of knife, (that they conveniently got by security,) would the not have something that might break or cut the bracelet before the EMD system could be activated? breaking it might set of an alarm, but at that point, you’re back to square one…maybe the should go back to reducing the oxygen content in the cabin and introducing an anesthetic to put everyone to sleep for the flight…sigh…

  4. I don’t suppose that whatever broadcasts the signal to the terrrst’s EMD bracelet would ever include any other innocent passengers near the terrrst, would it?Of course not.

  5. Thanks for the hat tip. I have to say, the video freaked me out pretty good when I saw it the first time – mostly because if this passes in the US, we will probably have it here in Germany as well before the end of the decade.Also, one has to wonder if it would be impossible to find out the transmission frequency that triggers these taser bracelets and take the entire plane hostage using an ordinary laptop with some simple modifications (and since you are allowed to bring these on board…).Additionally, since the bracelets would have to be designed in a way, that would make them resistant to all attempts to force them off, the entire idea is a pretty scary one: Imagine being outfitted with a bracelet that you can not take off yourself anymore and that allows “security” to stun your neural system by simply pressing a button. Sounds like an idea from a bad Science Fiction B-Movie that plays out in some futuristic high tech prison….Maybe the airlines should just strip-search all passengers before allowing them on the plane – and then simply handcuff them to their seats….

  6. Wait… I’ve seen these before! In the classic Star Trek episode; “Spock’s Brain”, only they wore them around their waists! I wonder if they’d make the loud “bwoowaa!” sound effect when you trigger them?

    futuristic high tech prison….

    Not a bad description of a modern airliner.

  7. One odd thing I noticed about the movie – all the airport scenes are Canadian (I think maybe Toronto), though all the narrative is about the US situation.Possibly because I have read too much scifi, or maybe it’s the 28 years of electrical engineering (or both), but the idea of trusting technology+government for this kind of thing makes me very uneasy.

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