2 thoughts on “The Human Footprint (NGS)

  1. It’s funny, the grocery store near me is a Price Rite. They don’t give you bags, you have to pay for them, 10 cents each.The bags are made of a thicker grade of plastic so they last longer. I’ve used to the same bags now for a few weeks.But here’s the thing. All the produce you buy is put into a plastic bag. All the meat is wrapped in plastic, it goes on and on.And lets talk about what ever happened to milk delivery services? They used glass bottles and they took the bottles back, sterilized them, and re-used them.I also note local vendors of meats, etc. now wrap in plastic. They used to wrap in paper.]

  2. What’s plastic made of? It is formulated from oil. So, gasoline/petrol are competing resource allocations the over-dependence on each drives up the cost for fuel and packaging. And food.Troy – At small butcher shops I still can buy my meat wrapped in butcher paper, but then even the butcher paper is thrown out. It’s not recyclable because of the waxy coating.

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