Ellison Endorses Madia

i-42463a742e85439b72c48a8d3e7dcc49-madia.jpgMinnesota Third Congressional District hopeful, Democratic candidate Ashwin Madia, was endorsed by Fifth District’s Keith Ellison.You will remember that Keith Ellison attained sudden national attention when he was first elected to congress last year because he is not a Christian, and many right wing fanatics thought maybe he’d swear his oath of office on the Koran, thus ruining everything….Indeed, many hard right wing groups continue to spew anti-Ellison propaganda. He is everything the right wing hates … non Christian, Muslim, and Black.Ellison is a very popular figure in Minnesota, and has proven to be an effective member of congress.i-c9c77e08af5ff527287f7d85824559d5-ellison.jpgMadia is trying to take an open seat in a traditionally Republican district, and the word is that he has a fair chance of doing so. This district was gerrymandered years ago to be a Republican district. The logic behind that (from the perspective of the Republicans) was to surround the generally liberal and Democratic Twin Cities with Republican member of congress. There are certain political processes having to do with funding and planning that strike fear in the hearts of suburbanites, such as spending money in the “inner city” and on poor people who are sometimes not white, etc. But the district has changed, and much of it is now working class and Democratic. The fact that the Republican congressman who has represented this district (he is now retiring) is very moderate (for a Republican) has minimized the chances for any strong anti-Republican backlash. But now that the seat is open, there is a good chance of a turnover.Ellison’s endorsement:“Ash Madia is one of the most dynamic young voices in our DFL Party. I am proud and honored to endorse him today for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District,” the Fifth District Congressman said.”He has electrified the delegates in the Third District and rightly so. His compassionate, common-sense progressivism, coupled with his impressive credentials, and his energetic ability to inspire so many new people into political action have convinced me that Madia is the best choice as our DFL-endorsed candidate,” Ellison stated.”Third District delegates are fortunate to have two excellent candidates to choose from. State Senator Bonoff should be commended for her ground-breaking role in building our Party in the Third District. She has been an effective State Senator for District 43 residents and I don’t doubt she would be an effective voice in the Congress as well,” Ellison said.”But Ashwin Madia’s story is so dynamic, I am convinced he will captivate the voters of the 3rd District by stressing his service to his country as a U.S. Marine in Iraq – who knows how to effectively get us out of Iraq, as an attorney arguing successfully for civil and human rights, a strong advocate for fairness and prosperity for hard-working middle class families, and a strong and clear voice for common-sense progressivism,” Ellison said.”Like Senator Obama, Ashwin Madia is a voice for change from the politics of the past. And like Senator Obama, Ashwin has mobilized voters across generational, economic, educational, gender and racial divides. He has forcefully broughtdelegates from all walks of life together with a singular purpose of bringing common-sense progressivism to the Third District.””Ash Madia and his family epitomize the very best America has to offer. I am so proud to stand with him today and endorse him with great enthusiasm. I look forward to working closely with him in the next Congress to both restore Americaits rightful place of honor in the world, and reversing the wasteful and misplaced priorities of the last eight years of the Bush Administration,”

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One thought on “Ellison Endorses Madia

  1. It’s great to see how far Madia has come in terms of his viewpoints over the years. 10 years ago, I don’t think many people would have been surprised to see him go into politics, but I think we all expected a rather different party affiliation….

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