Anti-Gay Kern In New Flap

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Remember Sally Kern?

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, which only two weeks ago reached out to an Oklahoma lawmaker who said gays are “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism,” is now involved in a new dispute with Rep. Sally Kern (R).Kern accuses the group of misrepresenting remarks she made at March 27 meeting with PFLAG. Following the meeting the organization said that Kern told representatives and several clergy members that “I agree with” the idea that gay and lesbian Americans should not be fired from their jobs because of their sexual orientation.Those present said in a media statement that Kern also agreed to consider an ongoing dialogue with PFLAG families.But Kern this week told The Oklahoman newspaper that PFLAG had misrepresented her statements.Wednesday PFLAG released an audio tape of the full 40 minute meeting on its Web site.On the recording Kern can be heard twice agreeing with the PFLAG supporters that gay Americans should not be fired from their jobs simply because of their sexual orientation.She goes on to say that “maybe” she would consider a follow-up meeting with PFLAG families in her district and agrees to a dinner invitation from a PFLAG supporter in the meeting. Near the end of the conversation, Kern is asked, in recapping the conversation, if she does indeed oppose anti-gay job discrimination; she responds affirmatively that she does.”Representative Kern’s words speak for themselves,” said Rev. Loyce Newton-Edwards, president of PFLAG’s Oklahoma City chapter in a statement.”The recording, which we made with her staff’s consent, is irrefutable evidence that she did agree with us on employment non-discrimination; that she did agree to consider an ongoing dialogue with us; and that she did agree on some basic principles of fairness and equality. It is beyond disappointing that she has now stepped away from those comments, and it is disheartening that she, as an elected leader, has attempted to disavow her own words.”rest is here.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Kern In New Flap

  1. “”I agree with” the idea that gay and lesbian Americans should not be fired from their jobs because of their sexual orientation.”Wow, that gets her into the early 1980’s, I guess.Imagine a well-known racist in a similar PR situation, trying to clean his public image off and declaring “I agree with the idea that African Americans should not be slaves.”Point is, even her (dishonest) attempt to be modern and egalitarian provides a clear illustration of just how backwards and anachronistic her inner life continues to be.

  2. Rep. Sally Kern was asked recently on a local TV news program what would she do if she had a gay son. She replied she would love him all the more as he would need it.Yet, Kern continues to insist that gays are more dangerous than terrorists or Islam.If there is a mother proclaiming to the world that gays are more dangerous than terrorists and Islam and hypothetically has a gay son, and in a public forum has said if she had a gay son she would love him all the more, she has a severe mental condition and has forfeited any resemblance of respect for her virulent views from any decent respectable person with any molecule of sense in their education.How can she proclaim a mother’s love for her own son, yet condemn the gay children of other mothers of America?Why does Sally Kern consider the love for her own children to be more definitive than the love other mothers have for their gay sons, and who don’t call them dangerous to our country?I’m not interested in the sexual orientation of Rep. Kern’s children, yet Kern is fascinated with the private lives of total strangers who have caused her no harm whatsoever. I am interested in her hypocrisy.People and organizations such as those that support Rep.Kern are desirous of only one thing and that is to control others in order to stamp out anything resembling “otherness”.Such a country, if they had their way would no longer be the democracy Kern claims to be defending, but rather a theocracy, devoted to the practice of religion, much like the Islamic countries Kern denounces as dangerous.

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