4 thoughts on “More Expelled! … you MUST read this…

  1. Hi – I like your blog but I do have to say one thing. Please reduce your font size. It’s unsettling to me, probably on a mostly crazy level. Like I’m shrinking or suddenly started wearing invisible bifocals.

  2. I and my 55-year-old eyes vote for the current font size. I hate having to squint and try to figure out which half of my bifocals I should look through because “monitor distance” is too close for their distant focus and too far away for their close focus. With a fairly large font like this, I can just take them off and read the text easily.And thanks for keeping us updated on Expelledgate!

  3. Usability studies show that youngsters also like a large font style that lets them lean back and read the screen from a distance. It is a bit unsettling, though, that your font is so much larger than everyone else’s.

  4. Brian: Sorry, I just saw this.This font size is the smallest that I and many of my readers are comfortable with. If you are seeing a really huge font, maybe you need to make some adjustment. FOr instance, ctrl-minus key in Firefox, or increase the resolution on your computer screen…Let me know how that goes.G

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