UPDATE on Expelled-Gate

More links have been added to the ever growing sampling of commentary on the Myers-Dawkins Expelled-Gate Event.As e we move ever closer to the self destruction of the Intelligent Design Movement, I note that the Expelled Gate Even now is now competing for space in the Wikipedia Entry on Irony (but some help may be needed … there seems to be some creationists there erasing themselves whenever the evolutionists add them in).

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11 thoughts on “UPDATE on Expelled-Gate

  1. I have got to learn more. So sad to hear this happened just 10 minutes from my home. I wish I had been there, but I was in rehearsals… with a fellow atheist, I just learned… we are not alone…LOL

  2. After looking at the Expelled website, hoping to find a free screening in Chicago, I found this post of a student who claims he was directly behind Dawkins and Myers. He says:”Management of the movie theatre saw a man apparently hustling and bothering several invited attendees, apparently trying to disrupt the viewing or sneak in.”The whole thing is worth a read:http://www.expelledthemovie.com/chronicle.php?article=11Someone is obviously twisting reality… and I have a hunch as to who it is.

  3. Ok, as frequent Wikipedia editor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:JoshuaZ ) I can pretty strongly say that this doesn’t belong in the main article on Irony. And looking from the editors who have removed it, they appear to be regular editors trying to explain that it isn’t notable enough for that page. Also, the section on “irony meters” is original research under Wikipedia guidelines and therefore not acceptable. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:No_original_research ). Please don’t assume that everything is “evolutionists” v. “creationists” in this case it is simple Wikipedians trying to build an encyclopedia consistent with certain policies, goals and guidelines.

  4. Josh:Thanks for that information, it’s useful. I would say that a picture of Expelled-Gate belongs in the dictionary next to the definition of Irony, but I can see why it would not necessarily fit in the Wikipedia entry on irony. Not because of lack of notability, though. … it is very notable.Having the event recorded in the entry on Expelled! The Movie makes sense, and it is there, however, if you look for “expelled” in the wiki search you are currently directed away from that entry, which seems to be some kind of a glitch.Probably caused by creationists mucking around with the site!!!!! (oh, ok, maybe not)

  5. Did you know you can link directly to historical versions of Wikipedia pages?Click the History tab, and scroll through the list for the version you want, then click on the date.Irony, 03:20, 22 March 2008, Breaking the irony meter.And the diff page itself with the edit that removed it.Here’s a fun fact: Wikipedia has no entry for “gullibility,” thus thwarting the best efforts of today’s generation of juvenile pranksters.

  6. My partner in crime left a comment yesterday on one of the YouTube appearances of the Expelled “Super Trailer” and we have yet to see it show up on the page.Hitting the “Post Comment” button gives a message to the effect that the comment is waiting for approval. Ratings have been disabled and every comment that has appeared so far is from people jumping up and down excitedly about what a great flick this is going to be.(Incidentally, favorable comments starting with “thanks [sic] you mr. stein” appear after my friend posted her comment.)They want an open dialog. Yeah, right.I wish my friend had kept a draft copy of the comment in question, which started out: “Ghastly. Simply ghastly,” mentioned PZ’s having been denied admission to the screening in spite of having appeared in it, and ended with a dare to the producers of Expelled to release the complete interviews on DVD as Dawkins did with a number of his for The Root of All Evil?. I’d have posted it here, but I’m afraid it’s been lost forever. I’ll ask her to reconstruct it if possible.

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