The Boomerang Experiment Worked

… and, gave positive results. I know you have been waiting in anticipation for the results of an experiment in which an astronaut was going to toss a boomerang in space to see if it came back.Well, it worked:

Boomerang works in space: Japanese astronaut from
In an unprecedented experiment, a Japanese astronaut has thrown a boomerang in space and confirmed it flies back much like on Earth.[]

Whew, this one had me really worried…

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4 thoughts on “The Boomerang Experiment Worked

  1. Well sure, inside the space station, in an environment with air. Yawn. But what about outside the space station in the near vacuum of space? That’s what I thought you were saying when I saw the teaser for this story. Now that would have been a real surprising result.

  2. Well at least they’re doing valuable research. In other news, I saw in Bob Park’s newsletter that it costs as much to send an astronaut to the ISS to throw a boomerang as it does to send a probe to Mars.

  3. And what cool spacey whooshing Star Wars/ Star Trekish NOISE does the boomerang make?

    LOL. I imagine it would sound exactly not like this.

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