MS Down, Mac, Linux Up

For the first time in ages, the sale of new PCs with Windows as a percentage of the PC market is declining sharply. The new winner is the Mac, but, while no one does a good job of tracking the still-new, pre-installed Linux desktop market, it’s also clear that Linux is finally making impressive inroads into Windows’ once unchallenged market share.


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6 thoughts on “MS Down, Mac, Linux Up

  1. Unfortunately, your source doesn’t provide enough information to give a reader any confidence that their market analysis is accurate. They point to but there is nothing on the NPD website that indicates an analysis of computer sales.

  2. I work in the Microsoftest college on campus, and though our desktop base is all PC+MS, we are acquiring more Apple servers. And I am seeing a huge uptick in the number of macbooks being toted around by our ever-so-earnest business majors.Cracks in the dam – and when the critical point is reached, the dam fails almost instantaneously. Just like this metaphor.

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