Spitzer Makes Remarkable Bounceback

Governor Spitzer, only recently deposed for committing the crime of being a Democrat on the Republican Hit List, has already launched a new career as a Telescope:

Spitzer Finds Organics and Water Where New Planets May Grow from PhysOrg.com
Researchers using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered large amounts of simple organic gases and water vapor in a possible planet-forming region around an infant star, along with evidence that these molecules were created there. They’ve also found water in the same zone around two other young stars.[]

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8 thoughts on “Spitzer Makes Remarkable Bounceback

  1. the crime of being a Democrat on the Republican Hit List

    ?Pretty damn glib, if serious. The laws of the State of New York that were broken? I’m pretty sure that was the crime.

  2. Sven, have you read or heard anything about the background of this story? Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan? Do you have no sense of literary allusion?(Greg: Apologies if I am misreading you!)

  3. Elizabeth –I consider myself fairly well-read but if not for your post, I’d have no idea that Greg was trying to make some sort of literary allusion. Even with the clues “literary allusion” and “Bob Dylan” I can’t seem to find anything that matches — I thought it would be the Hurricane Carter song, but I can’t see anything that matches.

  4. Elizabeth: Brilliant! … and totally correct.I don’t actually know the story yet, and I am trying to be provocative. My understanding, though, is that this was an engineered bust and involved misuse of the power of the justice department. Most paid for consensual sex, even if slightly illegal, is not the object of FBI investigations. Unless you have an out of control government desperate to hang on to power with a rising and strengthening opposition.

  5. Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan?

    Well, I can answer “yes” to that one…I’m not placing the song though. Top of my head, I’d guess “Hattie Carroll,” “Joey,” “Hurricane,” or one of those. Please to explain?

    slightly illegal

    Has anyone let all those people in Oklahoma prisons for possession of a joint or two know about this category of legal jurisprudence? First I’d heard of it.So are you suggesting that the purpose of the FBI investigation in the first place was to get Spitzer? Is there evidence for that? I mean, not that it would be news for the Justice Dept. and/or Federal BI to misuse their power or anything (see cointelpro), and I can assure you that I am no friend to any of the above, the current administration, or Republicans in general, but I haven’t smelled political conspiracy in this one yet…I’m willing to be enlightened with information instead of allusion, though.And even if…I have to say that I have much, much more sympathy for those folks in jail in Oklahoma than I do for this guy Spitzer. He’s a hypocritical sleaze even if he is in some sense a “victim.”

  6. Huh. A little ggoglin shows that the FBI investigation was, in fact, aimed at Spitzer, but not for “paid-for consensual sex.” It was a public corruption squad looking into suspiciously large transfers of money from his bank accounts.Sounds reasonable to me, but I’m open to the conspiracy theory if you-all can back it up.Still can’t place the Dylan tune though.

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