Our Cats are Going Away!

For the last several months, we’ve been cat sitting for our friends Gil and Gilliane. They are very good cats, and Amanda especially has bonded to them. Well, Gil and Gilliane are returning from their extended stay overseas, and want their cats back. There will be a certain emptiness when they are gone.But even worse, we’re gonna die of heart attacks!!!! ….

Whether it’s a frisky kitten or a tubby tabby, a cat at home could cut your heart attack risk by almost a third, a new study suggests.The finding, from a 10-year study of more than 4,300 Americans, suggests that the stress relief pets provide humans is heart-healthy.[source]

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3 thoughts on “Our Cats are Going Away!

  1. Well I’ve always got an extra one around here; the last foster cat I took in actually got adopted, but the polydactyl cat we’ve got now is an absolute terror joy. So far (I think) three cats I’ve taken in for short stints have been adopted, two are still looking for homes, and the one we have now could go soon. It’s bizarre, though; even though I have two cats of my own the apartment is strangely empty without a third furball playing in the water dish or sleeping on my chest at night.

  2. So go down to your local SPCA/Humane Society or local cat rescue facility, and bring some other kitties home!!!!Many people avoid adopting pets because of the long-term commitment. Hubby and I have found that there are solutions to the issues involved. We’ve taken our cats on trips in our camper, found a good cat-sitter for when that’s not feasible, and delight in coming home at night to feline greetings. Plus, they’re a real asset on a cold night for keeping one’s behind warm in bed!My only caveat is that cats do better in pairs or groups, especially if they’re indoor cats; they keep each other company when you can’t be around. Even if they’re not initially thrilled with each other’s company, they’ll get over it.

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