Happy Birthday PZ Myers!

Today is PZ Myers birthday. I live roughly in PZ’s neighborhood, so I broke into his house last night and scanned a couple of images from the Myers family photo album. I thought you might enjoy them…i-9438ba4a374255fbda8848b04862d6dd-LOL_PZ_separated_at_birth.jpgi-e06b077647316f341c858633f1b499ec-LOL_PZ_with_dad.jpgi-017c8a903c1004ac0631cbe888ce478a-LOL_PZ_baby_with_doll.jpgi-42350be63c2f307d44432de15da02eb0-LOL_PZ_SchoolPlay.jpgi-2dfd03f1314f3241dfa390a44d9bf23d-LOL_PZ_beagle.jpgThere is a LINKFEST growing of other LOL PZ posts (and perhaps other items) at A Blog Around the Clock.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday PZ Myers!

  1. JL:Yes, and all PZ got was a bunch of LOL satires. You, I sent a present to! (but I did not splurge on shipping costs, so don’t be checking the mailbox every day)

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