Turns out I’m a white guy

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I’m kind of shocked. Well, whatever.Some moron just blew 70 bucks, or whatever it takes to register a domain name, to anonymously post photographs of most of the scienceblogs.com bloggers (without linkbacks, and therefore in violation of Blogging Ethics and possibly copyright laws), dividing the bloggers into “Aryan” and some other category. I don’t think I want to know what Mr. Moron would call this other category.i-c77c31115ed181045295f450d53af63b-aryanblog.jpgThere are people such as Jews, other immediate descendants of the victims of Nazi occupation, G,L,B,T’s and their A’s who might take exception to this. This is probably why the low road was taken with this particular stalker.Anyway, I assume that the hosting service contracted for this odd and not very original display of obsession with scienceblogs.com charges by the bandwidth, so I’ll be checking in on this site every few milliseconds…..

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10 thoughts on “Turns out I’m a white guy

  1. Don’t forget the “conflict frame”–or “engineered scandal”…I wonder what Razib would think of this post;-)And who are the “A’s”? I thought Oakland was only known for the Black Panthers…

  2. Razib is whiter than you? Really? More “Aryan”, sure…Bangladeshis are probably more Aryan than say, white people…but whiter? I didn’t pick that up from your pix.I need a banner that says “non-white blogger”

  3. Aha, Razib pwned that stalker by hiding his duskyness (Razib’s, that is) behind his cat. I guess Razib figured the gray of the cat fur would make his skin look whiter in comparison, and it worked to fool at least this one moron. Of course, to really fool everyone besides the stalker jerk into thinking he was white, Razib really needed to hide behind his black cat, not the gray one…Greater color contrast, you see.

  4. What’s his/her point with this page? Be less white? We’re trying, we’re trying, but summer is still so far away!

  5. I just love how it’s automatically framed as a racist conspiracy. Since I don’t know what half of the bloggers I read look like anyway and barely have an inkling of their gender, why should I care one way or another about their race? I’m interested in finding out interesting things about the world I inhabit, and I really could care less what the person looks like. *thoughtful pause* Unless, of course, they’re hot.Isn’t it just as likely that the science bloggers of Asian or recent African descent just might be blogging elsewhere?

  6. I’m sure someone will eventually blog the details, but it is true that the Sbings do not represent the ethnico-racial (race is not real, so I hesitate to use the word) or gendero-sexual mix of a) humans on Earth, or b) Humans in the various countries we represent. On the other hand, neither does science.I suspect that if you broke it down by area of study (math, bio, etc.) that we represent the proportions that exist in the wild, with in some cases slightly more of one category or another, but in most cases, too small a sample to be sure.

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