Creationism, Stupidity, Linked

According to a poll this week, approximately 31 percent of surveyed Americans believe Roger Clemens is telling the truth about never taking performance-enhancing drugs.This is about the same percentage of Americans who believe in creationism, and still insist George Bush is doing a good job. And here’s my theory: These are all the same people, the true believers. If you cross-indexed these polls, you would likely find that Gallup and Quinnipiac just keep tapping into the same wacky group. …

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One thought on “Creationism, Stupidity, Linked

  1. While there are transitional foilsss, one does not need to look at the fossil record in order to find transitional species.One of the biggest arguments against evolution is that “half an eye is no good”.The living world is filled with creatures with every stage of the evolution of the eye, from light sensitive cells, to eye spots, to pin-hole, to fully functional eyes.According to evolutionists, the eye evolved independently 40 different times! I guess the ability to see is very important to survival!

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