Al Gore for President?

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According to Newsmax, The Telegraph is outlining a scenario by which Al Gore becomes the Democratic Nominee for President.In the unattributed report from Newsmax (meaning I can’t give you a link), Gore comes into play after Clinton regains enough momentum in March to deflate Obama’s current surge.

The Clinton camp reportedly believes that if Obama doesn’t deliver a knock-out blow before the March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio, Hillary could win those races and regain the momentum, with many superdelegates uniting behind her to preserve party unity.That could lead to bitter battles at the Democratic convention in August, “which could even end with Al Gore, the former vice president, emerging as a compromise candidate,” according to The Telegraph.A Clinton source told the paper: “There’s a 5 percent chance of that happening, but that’s 5 percent too high.”

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13 thoughts on “Al Gore for President?

  1. Can someone explain to how a person who has not been running for Democrat candidacy could end up getting it ? It would seem to make the whole primary business pointless.

  2. Matt: This is a political reality that is lost on the modern world since it never actually happens. The rules are that once a vote happens in the convention (that involves going around to each delegation and having them declare their votes), if there is not a sufficient number to nominate a particular candidate, then the delegates are (or may be … I’m not sure of the details for this year’s convention) “released” …Everyone should go back and review the details of the 1968 Democratic convention. I wonder if there is a good one hour documentary on this?

  3. By “the Telegraph”, I assume the British newspaper often called The Torygraph is meant. Whilst The Torygraph is a serious newspaper, it isn’t the most reliable; if anything, it’s reliably unreliably. Basically, without confirmation. I’d be highly suspicious of anything published in either The Daily or Sunday Torygraphs.The Observer’s article about Gore and his (possible) role at the convention, Gore emerges as power broker while Clinton hopes for a lifeline says Gore and a number of other well-known people in the party are deliberately stating neutral:

    Gore emerged yesterday as a possible mediator who could negotiate a resolution if the primary campaign ends in a stalemate and has to be decided by the party convention, where divisions are likely to run deep.The former vice-president … is among a number of party ‘elders’ who plan to remain neutral in order to keep such an option open, the New York Times reported yesterday.They are increasingly concerned that the momentum built up by Clinton and Obama’s enthralling race could be squandered if neither lands a knockout blow and the nomination is decided at the convention by [a backroom deal] with an elite of 796 Democratic ‘super-delegates’.A perception that a backroom deal had ignored the wishes of millions of voters could be a gift to the Republicans …

    That’s far more plausible then the reported Torygraph version, which (being rapidly rightwing) probably are trying to scare people by muttering “Gore Gore Gore … Gore!” They may be technically right in that it is technically possible, but highly unlikely.

  4. Tophe, I find it hard to take that mapping seriously when it contains crapola like this:“For example, Ron Paul on the social scale is actually closer to Dennis Kucinich than to many figures within his own party.”That alone is enough to let you know that this “compass” didn’t do its homework. And there is no transparency, from what I can see, in how they plotted the candidates.

  5. I think Paul is closer to Kucinich than to many (not all) Republicans. He voted against the PATRIOT Act because it reduces our liberties. How many other Republicans voted against it? Paul’s personal position is against abortion, but he also is opposed to legislating any national restrictions on abortion. He opposes any legislation against same-sex unions. Definitely not your typical Republican.While Obama and Clinton may be left of center in the US, they are right of center when considering all western democracies. Personally I don’t see much difference between the 2 parties, but that is probably because I fall in the left libertarian corner. People who fall in the right authoritarian corner probably see enough of a difference between the 2 parties to identify with one or the other. And or course, some people will pick one party (or candidate) over the other as a matter of choosing the lesser of 2 (perceived) evils.

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  7. There is supposedly bad blood between Gore and Clinton; when Gore ran for President he was tainted by all the Clinton scandals. Gore has a overweening desire to be President. If he ran he could kill two birds with one stone – being Prez and defeating the Clintons.

  8. You have to wonder just how many time Gore has to say he no longer has any desire to ruin for the presidency before people will stop this nonsense. Gore is accomplishing much more for the things he cares deeply about, in his current role, and without having to put up with the hassles, than he could as POTUS

  9. as an addendum to my comment about Al Gore – I think this article in the NYT pretty much sums it up’s focusing on the movers and shakers and those are not the politicos but the money men/women

  10. So let me get this right: if Gore was then elected president, and he died in office, the presidency would then go to Gus Hall?

  11. I think Slate had an article last week about how this whole democratic nomination season has strangely mirrored the last season of The West Wing. In the show the first vote failed to yield a winner, and a new candidate entered the field at that time.How very strange if that were to happen as well.

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