Not All Floridians Are Inbred Slack Jawed Yokels

Certain Bloggers have been giving Floridians a hard time because of the opposition to teaching science in public science classrooms. Shame on those bloggers. (See here and here for examples). There are some local school districts in Florida that insist that excellent science, and not creationism or religion of any kind, be taught in public schools.The Volusia School Board supports teaching of evolution. Here i what some of the school board members say about this issue:School Board Chairwoman Judy Conte: “The home is a good place to teach religion, I think.” .. don’t “confuse the two. .. The last I knew, the Earth revolves around the sun, and not vice versa.”Board Member Dr. Al Williams: “That’s something that will always be up for discussion, but not in the science classroom …. Our science teachers are excellent teachers,”Board Member Candace Lankford: “Evolution is a scientific theory. The word ‘theory’ is different in science than in everyday language. It is a premise that can be proven or disproven…. This is how science works. It’s not subjective; it’s objective.”School Board Vice Chairwoman Diane Smith:”I hope the State Board doesn’t bend.”Board Member Stan Schmidt is noncommittal: “The state’s got to make their decision. [Regarding Creationism or intelligent-design] I don’t think you can call that science.”

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