2 thoughts on “Artificial and Natural Selection in Cosmos

  1. “Humans encourage the selection of some varieties, and deselects others…,” the man says. Talk to me about selection in humans. Have we domesticated our own species? Btw, f*ck James Watson.

  2. Bravo! As is said there, evolution is a historical fact, just as gravity is a fact. The theory of evolution is analagous to the theory of gravity. (Or should I say, theories. Both Newton’s and Einstein’s are regularly used..)Like the theory of gravity, it explains and predicts the actions of the effect it describes. But even if Darwin’s theory of evoluton were to be utterly demolished tomorrow, we’d still need some theory of evolution to replace it. Just as physicists, aware of fundamental flaws in both Newton’s and Einstein’s theories, are looking for a still-better one.(Yes, I know that modern evolutionary theory different from Darwin’s formulation in several important ways, but I think it’s still fundamentally his.)

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