Be careful who you bury…

As Raleane (Rae) Kupferschmidt lay motionless in her hospital bed, family and friends said their final goodbyes and the funeral home was called.

But just as the grieving began in her Lake Elmo home, Kupferschmidt woke up from her coma.

“There’s no medical explanation for what happened to my mother,” said Kupferschmidt’s daughter, Lisa Sturm, who is a surgical technician at Regions Hospital. “It’s a miracle.”

I’m sure Mrs Kupferschmidt’s daughter is totally correct. She has ruled out any naturalistic, medical explanation based on her years of experience in related research fields and clinical settings.

Or is this just a defense mechanism, a result of the inevidible psychological trauma of having almost accidentally buried mom alive?!?!?

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  1. That’s crazy. I’m only a lowly ambulance attendant, but even I know how to tell if someone is really dead. You would think a surgical technician would know better.

  2. Brian,

    Are you sure?

    But seriously, two things to keep in mind: 1: Even a lowly ambulance attendant has the benefit of experience and training based on science. (I don’t assume this doctor really even looked at the woman, based on the description) and 2: While it is true that from my perspective, this is in my own neighborhood (sort of) at a national scale, how many people are thought of as dead for a few minutes then the wake up? My grandmother used to do this a few times a day. She’d wake up and she’d be the one who thought she was dead… (But that’s another story)

    Anyway, right, with 300,000,000 people in the country, it is surprising that we don’t have two or three stories like this per month.

  3. They wouldn’t have buried her until she’d been clinically dead. It’s pretty unlikely that her heart would’ve restarted on its own, so there was no risk of burying her alive.

    These sort of incidents do make me question the diagnosing of brain death though. Was this an accidental misdiagnosis or did the doctors ‘go by the book’? There’s no point in keeping anyone ‘alive’ if they will never regain consciousness and personally I think that active euthanasia would be perfectly acceptable, even preferable, in some cases (e.g. Terri Schiavo), but how will you know in cases like this?

  4. Is it just me, or do these praiseth’ lord whacko’s come out of the woodwork everytime some dumb, simple shit like medical mystery comes about? Have you noticed the trend these last few weeks on every channel–every time some unexplained shit happens–to ‘thank g-d’ and ‘because of the miracle of Jeebus’…..
    Here is what’s wrong, and wronggggg in Florida: just the other day, some mush-mouthed lord praiser was carjacked, and in her interview she wuz praisin’, and overparayin’–she shoulda thanked the car manufacturer:

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