Yet Another Crop of Crackers Attacks Education in Florida

What?! Is Florida totally full of morons, or what?The Bay District School Board will vote on Wednesday on a resolution that waters down the proposed state standards for life science education. Please go to the Channel 7 web site where this story is posted and add your comments along side some guy from New York who is the first to chime in (in favor of rational thinking). If you are from one of these states mainly known for slack-jawed yokels who prefer to marry their siblings but will take a cousin in a pinch, and are NOT one of these morons, please, it is especially important that you chime in.Oh, and if you are from Florida and are offended by my attitude … Don’t ask me to change. Change Florida. I’m busy up here working on Minnesota, and we’ve got our hands full….

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Crop of Crackers Attacks Education in Florida

  1. I’m usually among the first to defend Florida but you are oh so correct that folks down home really need to get involved and take charge.But then again, we’ve got stuff like this happening down there.

  2. I posted to that site in regards t the blatant bias the station showed in permitting an AP style error wherein they put quotation marks-twice- around the word “theory”. My comment was deleted;-)

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