Science Debate Two Thousand Eight in Business Week

i-f082db2951b4daef166220119e8a89d9-sciencedebate2008.jpgScience Debate 2008 got a writeup in Business Week.

When most of the Republican candidates for President proclaimed that they did not believe in evolution during a debate last year, astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss was one of many who were aghast. The Case Western University professor and best-selling author was even more upset when former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shrugged off concerns, saying that he was running for President, not writing a middle-school curriculum. “How could being scientifically illiterate be perfectly acceptable?” Krauss asks. “No one would accept a candidate who, say, denied the Holocaust.”Instead of just fuming, Krauss seized on an idea then being proposed by screenwriter/director Matthew Chapman to stage a Presidential campaign debate focused on science….

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One thought on “Science Debate Two Thousand Eight in Business Week

  1. And we can’t forget that Minnesota has a strong connection to the ScienceDebate 2008. Shawn Lawrence Otto (who adapted the screenplay for House of Sand and Fog is also on the steering committee. He is married to our State Auditor, Rebecca Otto.Here is the piece he wrote for on the Science Debate.I think it is a great idea to push for, and I personally think it will nail John McCain because he won’t be able to weasel in favor of the Creationists without looking like an utter fool. Of course, that is not the purpose of ScienceDebate 2008, and it may mean that he will try to avoid it.Crap. Now I have scared all of the Republicans who support it.

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