Creationists and Deception

Marshall Helberger writes an interesting editorial in the Timberjay, a northern Minnesota newspaper, about creationist tactics.

As editor of the Timberjay’s editorial pages, there are few things that have been more frustrating over the years than determining how to handle this perennial debate over evolution, prompted for the most part by a single, local proponent of creationism.While I inherently believe in the free exchange of ideas, the purpose of the editorial pages is to discuss ideas and viewpoints that can affect the world in which we live. To a large degree, the debate over evolution doesn’t meet that criteria– because what we all choose to believe on the subject has no bearing whatsoever on what is real.It’s like arguing about the color of the sky. In the end, there’s nothing that can be done about it anyway.Personally I don’t care if someone wants to believe that the world is 6,000 years old and that humans walked with dinosaurs.Where I draw the line is when such individuals try to force their unscientific and insupportable beliefs into the science curriculum of our public schools. …

Enjoy the rest of this editorial here.

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